What motivates you in the morning?


Most mornings like many working moms and dads, I press snooze in the wee hours of the morning SEVERAL times. Haha. After being woken up 2-3 times during the night, it’s my right to get an extra 8 minutes of sleep isn’t it??? After all, who wants to hurry off to work when it’s below freezing outside and the bed is nice and cozy? Not this girl!

So, what’s my motivation in the morning?? That picture above this post of the cutest baby in the world, of course! He cuddles with me every morning before I go to work, or if I ‘try’ to sleep-in on Saturdays, or when we head off to 9AM service. I pick him up from his crib, nurse him, and then I get to enjoy his amazing smiles and coos: EVERY MORNING.

Oh, it is definitely the little moment in life that make life worth living. They are the moments that make it worth it to get up in the morning, even when we are exhausted and it’s cold outside, and we just want 8 more minutes of sleep. So grateful for my little guy who makes my mornings and my days so worthwhile! And wakes me up before my 8 minutes are up 🙂



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