Baby Bedtime Routine – Does it really work?

As a young mom, I am always learning new things about how to take care of my (almost) 5 month old baby boy, Skyler.  Every day is a new adventure, a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow as a parent.  One of the challenges of having an infant is how do you teach you baby it is time to say “night, night”? How do you convince them that since the sun is down, they should lay their head to rest???

There are many books on baby sleep patterns. What To Expect the First Year, Baby Wise, The Baby Book, and many many more. Some I have read, and some I have only heard of.  There are also countless articles on websites like

Some of the best advice I received was about a “bed time routine.” When I read that, I thought, oooh now that sounds like a great idea! I love bedtime routines, so maybe Sky will too! I am all about my routines when I get ready for bed. Change into PJs, brush my teeth, wash my face, set my alarm, give my husband a kiss goodnight, put Vaseline on my lips (because it’s super dry here in Colorado), tell my husband I love him, tell Roxy (our dog) that I “ruv” her, and then tell Sky I love him (even though he’s in the other room).  This is our routine – EVERY NIGHT. So anyway, it makes sense that Sky would have a routine too. Right?

At first, I was a little doubtful.  I couldn’t believe that a routine would work when he seemed like he was talking a mile a minute and waving his arms and trying to eat the book we were reading, but miraculously… a regular bed time with a normal routine WORKS! It’s amazing!

Most nights it is pretty flexible, but there are some basic parts.  Sometime between 630 and 730, we start getting ready for bed.  The routine consists of a diaper change, footie pajamas, and then we sit down in the rocking chair to read a book! Sometimes we read a short story children’s book like Goodnight Moon, but most nights it’s a story out of his children’s Bible. After we finish reading, I stand-up and sing him a song like Twinkle, Twinkle.  From there, I give him a kiss goodnight, lay him in his crib, and voila! It’s like magic! Sometimes I have to give him his pacifer but then he immediately falls asleep 🙂 (I’m spoiled I know… but I really think it can work for others as well).

All this to say: yes, I really do think bedtime routines work.  I know that the same routine won’t work for every kid, and it won’t work every night.  But I’ll take any night I can get without fighting baby Sky to go to sleep!  Kids need structure. They need loving and cherishing. What’s a better way to share your favorite books and put your child to sleep in one fell swoop???

If you have any other techniques  for putting your kids to sleep, leave a comment to share! Night, all.



5 thoughts on “Baby Bedtime Routine – Does it really work?

  1. I completely agree a good routine keeps them healthy and happy, structure and discipline are key. Boston has been on such a great routine since he was a newborn and the older he gets the easier it is. After dinner and bath time he gets Pjs on and play in the playroom while he watches mickey mouse clubhouse, 630 he gets a Sippy cup of milk and small snack, brushes his teeth, plays and reads withmommy and daddy, by 745 he grabs his blanket and our hands walks to his crib, throws his bear and friends in his crib and lets me pick him up and all 3 of us give kisses and a family squeeze. We lay him in his crib and he says “la you” (best thing ever) and we walk out and don’t hear a peep until the next morning when I wake him to get ready for daycare.

  2. Our daughter’s bedtime routine was the only thing that kept my sanity for the first year of her life. My daughter from birth was to put it nicely,a high spirited child, Bedtime was the one time that went smoothly. I established other daily routines as well but bedtime was the best.

    • What other daily routines did you have?? I’m debating whether or not to start a hard nap schedule or if I should just let it be flexible throughout the day. I mean, he’s at daycare but I’m sure I could at least suggest times since he seems to eat around the same time every day!

      • When she was younger I had a pretty regimented nap schedule. My mother-in-law did our child care when I went back to work & I had an exact schedule for everything, meals,snacks & naps. She used to take 2 naps a day.She is almost 2 now & has become resistant to naps, even though she still needs at least one because she gets overtired easily. I have become more flexible with meals & such now but still try to keep it close to the same times everyday. Meals are the hardest..Mealtime in our house is super stressful. My daughter is not a fan of eating.

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