Amber Teething Necklaces – Helpful?

Lately I have been researching about teething since Sky could probably start any day now. He has his drooling phases but nothing teething related so far! I decided to start doing some research to be prepared because, well, I’m a new mom and that’s what new moms in the technological age do 🙂

Best remedies for teething babies ? How to soothe your teething babies? Gels? Cold chew toys? Cold fruit? Refrigerated pacifiers? There are so many different options it can be over whelming!

One guy that works with me (he does have 7 kids) even told me, “The best way to numb your child’s gums when he’s teething is to put a little whiskey on your finger and rub it on!” I thought that one was interesting! haha

One of the most interesting phenomenons I’ve been reading about lately are the Amber Teething Necklaces. I found an article on BabyCenter that talks about it but I would like to know other mom’s opinions!

They say once the beads are warmed on the baby’s skin it lets out succinic acid that is a natural pain reliever and is anti-inflammatory. I know the biggest argument against these beads are the choking hazard (of course), but other than that what negatives are there?

For those that have used these beads have you seen any effects? Both negative or positive?

Hope everyone has a great hump day!


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