How do you stop the sick cycle?


Baby Sky stayed home with Mama on Friday because she was feeling sick. Unfortunately, Baby Sky acquired Mama’s cough after taking care of her all day. It’s such a cute little cough but it’s so sad too…

What are we going to do now?? I’m getting over my cold but now Sky is sick! As soon as he gets over it, I’m going to have it again! Then just throw in Daddy too and all is lost. The cycle of sickness has started!

This morning I was thinking about what we could do to fix the cough and be proactive at stopping the cold (he has a slightly congested nose too).

We already have a humidifier in his room. I washed all the sheets and scrubbed all the surfaces in the house. You can’t give infants cough drops, suppressants, or really any medicines (he’s only 5 months old), but then I remembered something.

I remembered my parents using Vick’s vapor rub on us when we were sick. There was one particular time when my brother and I shared a room sometime before kindergarten I think. We had bunk beds and mine was on top (of course) because I was older. My brother was sick so my mom camped out in the room on an air mattress with the Vick’s vapor mist going into the air and a jar of it ready to rub on his chest. (sorry, Mom, if I’m misremembering)

Any who, I of course googled if I can even use Vick’s on a 5 month old, and the Baby Center blog I found did not recommend it. I guess on infants under two there is a chance that it could actually cause more inflammation than to help. But, I did learn something valuable through all the comments! Apparently, there is Baby Rub for 3+ month olds! And they said you could rub it on his feet as well and that was supposed to help. Why not try?

So tonight, we rubbed it on his chest and feet and hope that it will help him sleep. (nice rhyme, eh?) Then maybe we can both get better and defeat this cycle of sickness!

Requesting prayers of healing and for this sickness to go away for baby Sky and the Whitney family! This should and is of course my first request for healing. If you have other ideas on how to beat the cold, they are also welcome!

Goodnight, moon ❤


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