Thankfulness and Thanksgiving


2013. Wow. What a year to be thankful for! Here are a few of my favorite things and people from 2013 that I am thankful for!

I am so thankful for my amazing husband, who loves me and cherishes me and just loves living life with me. He is such an amazing father to our son, Skyler, too. He will do anything for that kid. I am so thankful for my handsome, healthy son. Children truly are blessings from God sent to shine a light on the world. Even on what could be the gloomiest day just a smile from my precious one makes my day. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be his mommy and to love him and care for him.

So thankful for my family as well. My dad was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last year but is now a cancer survivor! My mom got to be at Sky’s birth and has been amazingly supportive to me throughout pregnancy and since Sky has been born even from far away. My mother in law and father in law have also been amazingly supportive, especially when Tom was out of town for a few weeks and J watched Sky for me for almost 3 weeks!

So thankful for all my siblings, Andrew, Stephanie, Bob, and Shawna. Siblings make family so much fun.

I am so blessed that I can’t even count my blessings this year. God is so great and so good. I know that nothing on this world though matters without my relationship with the Lord! My faith has grown so much this year through our amazing city groups from church. The relationships and community of our church are simply amazing. I can’t imagine life without our Mill City Church family praying for us and loving and taking care of our family. Especially the month after Sky was born, they provided meals to our family every other day!

So thankful everyday for the blessings God has bestowed upon our family. If you want to read a little about our Thanksgiving holiday, read below!

This Thanksgiving Tom’s parents, Mike and J came to visit from California. Tom’s brother, Bob, his wife, Shawna, and their son, Levi also flew in from Vegas.




We had a delicious turkey that I followed the Perfect Turkey recipe from All Recipes. We had my favorite food, mashed potatoes, which we kept the peel on and left a little chunky. The Green Beans were a recipe from All Recipes that had almonds and lemon juice. The bread is a homemade recipe from my family.


I also made my first pies with the help of my sister-in-law, Shawna! We made apple pie from scratch and a chocolate pie with merengue on top from scratch! They were quite delicious. The pumpkin pie was store-bought, sorry ya’ll. We’re not big pumpkin pie eaters!


Friday we played the first annual Whitney vs. Whitney doubles championship! Tom, Bob, and I have all played competitive tennis but Shawna is still learning. It was a beautiful fall Colorado day out, and it made it even nicer because Tom and I kicked some butt! 6-2, baby! Haha. But I know Shawna and Bob will maybe get another game next year 😉 Love you guys. After tennis we just relaxed around the house and started decorating for Christmas! Tom has a huge nutcracker collection that we love to display above the fire place. I normally prefer white lights on the Christmas tree but the colorful ones are just so fun.


Today we went to cheer on Air Force as they played against CSU. Unfortunately, even though Sky was a super cute mascot Air Force still lost 13-51 or something ridiculous like that. Sigh. Oh well. Supposedly, this is the worse USAFA football team in Academy history. There’s always next year!

Tomorrow, Stefan Choquette, from my work is going to take pictures of the whole family out near Horsetooth! More pics to come!


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