Motivation Monday – My Husband


Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a week since my last post! I took a hiatus from blogging as well as all social media to better orient myself towards the reason for the season – Jesus’ birthday! I have to admit, it was a nice break just to focus on the people around me and to build my community outside of the internet world. That being said, I loved catching up with everyone’s baby pictures when I did get back online 🙂

I just wanted to take a day to thank my husband for everything he does for me. When I am in a bad mood he always cheers me up. When I am tired he lends me strength. When I need to do homework, he folds the laundry. 🙂

So thankful for his servant heart and for being such a wonderful father.

This morning I had trouble getting out of bed. I was supposed to get up at 4 to try and finish my paper that is due today, but I just kept hitting snooze! I feel like I’ve been running low on sleep the past few weeks with Thanksgiving, school, work, baby Sky, the upcoming holiday season and just day to day tasks in general. I know that it is all my choice but it didn’t make me any less tired this morning! But then I started thinking about my husband. And how much he supports me and supports our family in everything. About how nice he was last night when I grumpily went to bed because I was too sleepy to do any more homework.

The thought of his encouragement is what got me out of bed today.

Thank you for being such a man of God and for serving me and loving me each and every day.

Love you, Tom!



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