Sky’s First Solid Foods Update

Today I fed Sky Acorn squash. He thankfully LOVES veggies! Sweet potatoes were his first food. Followed by bananas, apple sauce, green beans, carrots, avocado, acorn squash, and finally rice cereal! Most of these fruits and veggies have been a success although bananas are still his favorite. We are still only feeding him solids once a day about an hour after his evening nursing session. We are transitioning to solids twice a day, but he is still getting the same amount of breast milk! Just trying to fatten him up before he starts crawling everywhere 🙂

So far making our own baby food hasn't been too taxing, especially with a NutriBullet! For example, we just cut the acorn squash I'm half, scrape out the seeds with a spoon, turn it upside down on a pan with about an inch of water and bake for 40 minutes at 400*! When it's done we just scoop out the meat, add about 3oz of breast milk or water and blend in the NutriBullet!

The scariest moment in our solid food exploration came when somehow I missed a little seed when I was mashing up some avocado with a fork and Sky started choking! Yikes! Thankfully a little patting and his gag reflexes worked great. Being a mommy is scary sometimes…

But anyway, looking forward to more adventures with Sky and food! If you want to read my original post about solid food, go here.



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