My First RAGBRAI Training Ride

Some of you who are reading this are probably wondering, “What in the world does RAGBRAI mean?” Less than a year ago, I asked the same thing. The answer I received was the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. Say what?? Let me explain a little more.

Late 2012 my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully they caught it early because he went in for his normal exam, and thankfully they were able to remove the cancer with surgery in early 2013! That being said, my dad decided he wanted to really start getting back in shape and to find a new hobby. A friend of his recommended cycling and the rest was history.

My dad asked me if I wanted to do RAGBRAI with him in 2014. It is a “race”, and I use this term loosely, across Iowa over a week in July. You ride any where from 60-100 miles a day to different towns, and then you camp there for the night and then start up again the next day. The ride is supposed to be pretty low-key as far as the competition, but I mean, you do cross the state of Iowa on a bike, NBD. It’s more of a have fun type of event. So, of course I said, “Where do I sign-up?”

My next step was: buy a road bike, because of course, you can’t bike that far if you don’t even have a bike… 🙂

We did some research over the summer and ended up settling on a pretty nifty little green/white bike right after the baby was born (like a week after and yes it hurt a little trying to get fit haha). I’ve only ridden it a couple of times last summer and this fall just because of post-natal recovery as well as training for my half-marathon that I ran in October. Not to mention it snows here in Colorado, and well, there was the holidays and such. But now, it is officially 2014 so I thought I better start training up for this race since I’ve never ridden more than 20 miles on a bike in my life…I love a little bit of a challenge! Or perhaps I am simply a glutton for punishment as my mom would say.

So, I will be blogging about my biking adventures for a little while and even if no one reads these posts, I hope to use this blog as motivation to keep on training and to stay with my goals. I will blog about those goals in an upcoming post.

Today’s adventure took place on a beautiful 41 degree day in Northern Colorado. In Fort Collins there are a ton of bike trails so it was easy to hop on the Poudre Trail and head towards the mountains. I am traditionally a runner, but there is something definitely peaceful about riding a bike. The wind rushing through your ears, the power and speed of the bike, the ability to look around and appreciate the view while still getting a workout. Today I focused on adjusting to the bike, getting to know it, and trying to add some calluses to my bum.

I rode 9.9 miles in 53:38 with an average speed of 11.1mph. Thanks to my new Garmin 210 for keeping track for me. I just got this for Christmas so I’m still testing it out, but it gives you a nice little chart summary and keeps all the stats until you sync with your computer on Pretty sweet!

Look forward to more adventures on the bike, coming soon.


3 thoughts on “My First RAGBRAI Training Ride

  1. The ride/race sounds awesome! You’ll have to keep us posted with how training and the ride goes! Have fun with the new bike – I think you’ll find yourself thoroughly enjoying riding a road bike! – Daniel 🙂

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