Weekly Fitness Summary!

This past week I unfortunately didn't get any cycling in 😦 It's just been so cold and windy out I find it hard to get on the bike. We are still looking for a stationary trainer for the house, so I haven't been able to do that either.

But have no fear, I did at least work out this week thanks to PT with the Air Force.

Tuesday we did circuits which included about 75 v-ups, 50 wall ball throws, 60 push ups, and 50 suicide sprints. Needless to say my thighs were very sore still on Thursday when we ran on the indoor track!

Thursday we ran almost 2 miles in “last man up” formation aka the last person has to sprint to the front as you all jog in a circle. The only exciting thing about Thursday PT is my new footpod came in for my Garmin forerunner a couple of days before! Woohoo! I got to test out the net footpod on the indoor track that requires 16 1/3 laps for a mile and a half. I haven't fully calibrated the footpod yet but I still think it was pretty accurate.

Love that I can now track my cadence/steps per minute (SPM)! Currently I am at 178 SPM so I need to increase a little bit to get to 180 SPM but that's pretty darn close to optimal.

I also got this little baby in the mail this past week that I will add to my bike handles for the watch 🙂 yay workout accessories!

Stay tuned for next weeks fitness update!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Summary!

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