The Big News? A New Home!

For those of you who were patiently waiting, I hope that our big news makes you smile as much as it does us! Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary. January 12, 2008 Tom and I went on our first date to Applebee's. Fancy restaurant, I know haha. But we were on cadet budgets so what can you expect. Plus it doesn't matter how much you spend on a date or where you go, it is simply WHO you are with that matters most.

It was on or about that fateful day that began our epic journey to January 12, 2014.

So what happened yesterday? What's the big news?

We are beginning a new journey as HOME OWNERS!!! That's right, yesterday we signed a builder's contract with Journey homes to start construction on a new house in the Rigden Farm area in Fort Collins. We are so blessed with the opportunity to purchase this home. We have been pretty quiet about the process because we want to make sure this is God's will for us to commit to such a large purchase in Fort Collins. After much expectant prayer, we both feel so at peace with this decision! There is a lot of excitement in our house with Pinterest pins and searching, but there's has been just a little bit of fear as well. Buying a new house is kinda scary and daunting at first! But we know that God will provide. And will take care of us during this process and this new season as well.

Here's a picture of the land where the house will be in April! There is a bike trail just to the right!

The new house will have 4 bedrooms and 3 baths so we will have lots of room for guests. We will have a family room and living room which basically means an entire room dedicated to Sky's toys lol. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and 2 sinks (it's the little things that matter hehe). The laundry room is upstairs, which will make diaper laundry much easier. There is a pantry in the kitchen, which we don't have right now. And best of all the new house is close to some bike trails, and we will still have a backyard for Roxy to play in. More pictures to come later.

We found this house by working with a real estate agent named Jack Taylor. He works for The Group in Fort Collins. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a home in Fort Collins. His son works on base with us which is how we heard about him. And Jack used to be a police officer in Fort Collins for many years. He's been very helpful and informative with open communication throughout the process so far!

Today we started the process to get our home loan in place. A friend of ours told us about his home lende whom he recommended. The lender happens to be the cousin of one of our sponsors from the Springs! God's plan or what?? As soon as Tom heard the name, we knew we had to contact Dustin Camping to find us the best loan for the new home. We contacted him, filled out the prequalification application, and were approved in 3 days! Probably would have been quicker had it not been the weekend when we messaged him ;).

His company Cornerstone isn't exactly a mortgage broker, but they sort of act like one. The company is considered a lender which means they handle the whole loan process from start to finish. Big banks are their investors, so after the final close date the mortgage is sold within a few weeks to the bank that had the best interest rates. Wow, we are learning so much already on this journey!

Well, I'm sure there will be more posts to follow on this. We are asking for prayers as we continue on this journey and collect all the required paperwork for the loan. Also, prayers for the house that it will go up with no hassle or issues are much appreciated. Thanks for reading, ya'll 🙂



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