Grocery Budget – Week of Jan 18th

Good afternoon, everyone,

We have been enjoying a nice 4-day weekend so far.  We ran errands yesterday and today we’re cleaning the house a little.  We went to Target for some baby stuff.  We also dropped by Lowe’s to look at refrigerators and window coverings just to get an idea for what’s out there and average prices.  I’m thinking French Door with freezer on the bottom! 🙂 We had a gift card to my favorite restaurant, B-dubs, also known as  Buffalo Wild Wings so we went there for lunch! Mango Habanero is soooo delicious but it was soooo spicy yesterday. Here’s my hubby at BWWs enjoying some jalapeno wings 🙂


We still didn’t do too much grocery shopping this week. We have realized that ever since we bought our deep freezer on Craigslist this summer to help with storage of our breastmilk we have been collecting more and more food in the freezers! We’re slowly working through everything, so it will be interesting to see where we are for groceries at the end of the month as well as what they will settle out to over the next few months. Apparently this project is going to take longer than I thought 🙂 Oh well!

You can read my first post here: Our Grocery Budget!

Groceries to date, January 18:

Fruits and Veggies:                 $18.09/21%
Animal Products:                    $36.89/43%
Grains:                                     $7.57/9%
Fats and Oils:                           $0/0%
Sweeteners:                             $0/0%
Miscellaneous:                        $22.49/26%
Total as of January 18:         $85.04

You might be wondering why I’ve decided to brake out the grocery bill into these specific categories? Well as mentioned before, I am reading Your Grocery Budget Toolbox by Anne Simpson. She is able to buy monthly groceries for her entire family for under $300 and still eat healthy. She suggests these percentages of each of the categories more or less:

Fruits and Veggies: 40%
Animal Products (includes dairy): 25%
Grains (& Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds): 10%
Fats and Oils: 15%
Sweeteners: <5%
Miscellaneous (includes cookies supplies): <5%

Obviously we have a way to go to match these percentages.  We still tend to buy a lot of processed foods like chips and crackers, which makes our Miscellaneous/grains categories pretty big.   But before I start thinking about all that we have to identify where we currently are and then go from there! We’re on our way 🙂


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