My 7-month Old is Going Backwards!

So as most of you know, Sky is 7-months old. He takes a bottle twice a day at day care, has tried solid foods and wants to crawl so bad but just hasn’t quite figure it out.

Well, as a 7-month old he is supposed to be doing all of the above. But in all of these things, I’m pretty sure our 7-month old is going backwards! He has been refusing a bottle at day care, refusing solids when we offer, and when he tries to move forward he actually goes backward (this one is actually really cute, and I just added it for some fun to this post hehe).

Anyone else’s 7-month old being stubborn and doing these things?? Or is it just us?

Thankfully I work 5 minutes from his daycare so I can still go feed him at lunch. And thankfully he is still young so there’s no rush on the solid foods! But some days, I’m thinking, really child??? What’s going through your head??

With all that said, here’s why I’m not too worried about our sweet, stubborn baby:

1. He still pees and poops everyday and still smiles at Mommy when she comes to visit.

2. I’m not going to force the bottle because hey, maybe he’s just not hungry.

3. I’m not going to force him to eat, but we still offer either avocado or rice cereal or something at least once a day to see if he wants some. He normally tries one bite then decides he would rather pet the dog or play with a toy or just practice his hand eye coordination and hit the spoon!

All of Sky’s seemingly backward ways are okay because each child grows at his or her own pace. I’m learning that some go forward two steps and then backward one before lunging forward three steps. As a parent, I just have to provide the opportunities for growth, to love on my baby boy as much as I can, and to give my worries to God because I know He loves Sky even more than I do.



2 thoughts on “My 7-month Old is Going Backwards!

  1. Actually our son took a bottle until 3 months, then revolted and would not take it again. I just waited until he was about 6 months and started him with a beginner sippy cup. Never had to worry about when and how to give up the bottle.

    • We tried giving him a beginner sippy cup a couple of weeks ago but he didn’t seem very interested in that either. Any tips on that transition? Thankfully he’s started taking a bottle at day care again! I was afraid he was going to starve!

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