Target Employee Supported My Public Breastfeeding

I just wanted to share a quick story about my experience at Target today! Tom and I were walking out of Target on the way to checkout, discussing quietly where I was going to feed Sky before we headed off to a wedding.



(Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Williamson!!!)

While we were walking towards the registers one of the employees chimed in.  She very graciously reminded us that I could use the dressing room if I wanted to feed him! That was a nice reminder, because I forgot I could go into one of the rooms and not have to worry about covering up at all.  I had actually  just come from there because I was buying a dress to where to a wedding (see featured picture!)

Then she contritely added, “Well, really, please feel free to feed him anywhere.” 

Wow. It is SO refreshing to know that there are people in Fort Collins who support breastfeeding in public.  It is so nice to know that it does not weird everyone out (even though really there is no reason that it should since it is a bodily function where you FEED a BABY.  It is about as natural as this world gets.) Most days I do not mind using my cover in public or finding a discreet corner (or the dressing room) to feed Sky in, but some days it is just plain annoying. But today, just this little moment, I felt truly blessed by this random Target employee who support my breastfeeding.

Anyway, just thought I would share my good experience with everyone! Anyone have any positive or even negative experiences with breastfeeding in public? Please leave a comment to share! Night all.


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