Grocery Budget – January Review

For those of you who have been following my grocery review, here is my update for the entire month of January!

You can read my first post here: Our Grocery Budget! Or my mid-month post here, which is also talks about my goals for each of the categories.

Groceries to date, January 1 – 31, 2014:

Fruits and Veggies:                 $82.06/33%
Animal Products:                    $72.11/29%
Grains:                                     $33.66/14%
Fats and Oils:                           $3.49/1%
Sweeteners:                             $0/0%
Miscellaneous:                        $53.70/22%
Total January 1 – 31:              $245.02

I am happily surprised by the $245.02! I really thought we were spending closer to $500 per month on groceries! Granted, I normally count purchases like toilet paper, paper towels, etc in my calculations, so it’s good to know how much is food versus house products.

I know that I am a nerd, but I look forward to analyzing our grocery budget some more over the next few months to find our average spending on groceries as well as what items we normally purchase. I am trying to enjoy pursuit of frugal living so that we might be the best stewards of the money we have been blessed with.

Please share with me if you think this amount is high or low compared to your budget! Also, we love hearing about cheap but quality places to shop at 🙂 Looking forward to discussion!


5 thoughts on “Grocery Budget – January Review

    • Thanks for bringing this up Brandon! I actually meant to put in the post our restaurant budget, but I decided to save that for another post. Since you brought it up though, our dining out expenses were actually $150 LESS than normal which is about half our normal spending. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve been more cognizant of our grocery habits, so therefore we’ve been eating more leftovers and thus not letting food go bad? Or if maybe this is just an abnormal month? Definitely going to dive into it a little more!

  1. I have found that couponing is a huge money saver. is very Denver/CO specific for deals and prices. Also, Sprouts has the best fruit and veggie prices in Denver area. We do our normal shopping at King Soopers & Safeway and produce at Sprouts. For our family of 3 we normally budget $250 but we too are eating out less and cooking more (and our daughter is eating tons) so we are upping our budget to $325. Love reading your blog!

    • Yes, Sprouts is awesome! We love going there! And King Soopers and Albertsons are our normal go tos… they normally have good sales! We will have to check out the website! Thank you so much!

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