A Prayer For New Moms


We are officially entering a new stage in life. First we were married. Then expecting. And then we had a beautiful baby boy. But now that little baby is learning how to move around! He’s pulling himself around on the ground. Pulling himself to a standing position, and tomorrow I’m sure he’ll be walking! Then next week he’ll be starting his first day of Kindergarten, the week after that he’ll be starting high school, and the week after that we’ll be sending him off to college! Okay, okay, I kid. But he is about to be a toddler! What am I to do with a toddler?

Most days I feel like time is slipping through my fingers. It is rushing by way too fast! I don’t want this time to leave. I want to live in this moment forever! I love this time with my little baby. I love spending time with him after work and on the weekends. I love nursing him in the morning and cuddling until it’s time to get up. I love the way he sees the world and his new experiences. Snuggles on the couch and trying new foods are all amazing adventures. But I think I also love this time because I’m now comfortable with this stage in life. This initial excitement of a brand new baby who mostly sleeps, eats, and poops is do so sweet and uet quickly comes to a close.

This whole “toddler” stage comes with so many unknowns. We have to baby proof, what? We have to pack snack foods for the baby? Do I go with quick and easy? Paleo? Organic? We have to buy a new, bigger car seat? Convertible, all-in-one, rear-facing, forward-facing and boosters are all choices? What about potty training and talking and swimming lessons and arts and crafts? So many things!!! And sometimes soooo overwhelming, especially when information/advice contradicts itself.

Here is my prayer for all new mothers, old mothers and grandmothers who ever have or will say the words above. I love this prayer that I found on page 9 in Desperate: Hope For the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah Mae. (Which by the way you definitely have to read if you are a mom).

“Lord, teach me how to be a mother. I feel so inadequate. I don’t know what to do. But you are my son’s heavenly Father, and you love him even more than I do, so please show me your way and help me to know how to do the right things.”

I love that and pray it almost every day. And that, that is what brings me peace as we enter this new stage of “toddler”.


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