Our Family Calendar

When you have two people who like to be busy and involved with a kid and a dog, a family calendar is a necessity to stay organized. This little baby helps us out immensely. It is an old picture frame that my husband put some sticky notes in! I have to admit we saw it at a friends house somewhere and loved the idea. You can change up the calendar every month super easy and update it with all your appointments and schedules and dinner gatherings. I try to keep each person in the family a different color but it doesn't always work out. At this point I'm just excited if I keep the calendar up to date much less remembering who is what color 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the bad picture, but you get the idea. So far I have Sky's 9-month appointment on there, Tom's work schedule which is hard to keep track of and our weekly bible study. I need to add some days on there to study for my exams, and I might add some training goals for the bike by week just to reference.

We keep this handy calendar near the kitchen and living room for easy access and reference.




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