Grocery Budget Tool and Staying Focused on Fitness

Dual post this time to combine two of my favorite subjects, finances and fitness.

Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

Using excel’s many tools are very helpful if you know how to use them to your advantage. Even though I used Excel a lot in college, I still learn new formulas all the time. Some of you may remember my first grocery post here, which had a picture of my spreadsheet to track purchases. Since that time I have updated the formulas to automatically sum the totals for each of the categories, and I added a drop down menu in the column for categories. I’ve had a couple people ask for my template so I thought I would share for anyone else who wants to assess their monthly grocery shopping list.

Grocery Analysis Template

I challenge you to look at each purchase to see where you might be able to save money on groceries.

As for us, in February, we spent a little more on groceries than in January. I know a good part of it was due to actually buying meat this month. We buy meat on sale and then freeze it in order to help save money. I also noticed we had a lot more small trips to the grocery store this month. If you can plan ahead and minimize your trips to the store you will both save time and money on groceries. Here is the summary by category for February.

Fruits and Veggies: $72.82/21%
Animal Products: $119.31/34%
Grains: $53.79/15%
Fats and Oils: $24.67/7%
Sweetners: $20.72/6%
Miscellaneous: $43.36/12%
*Taxes: $13.67/4%

Total: $348.34

* New Category I thought I should keep track of.

Now on to the second topic of today’s post! Fitness update.

Lately I have been pretty tired because of school and work and a baby and household chores, so I only I managed to work out about twice a week during the month of February.

This post is for the busy moms and dads out there who don’t always find the time to work out. Believe me, you aren’t the only one! As far as I’m concerned any workout you find time to do is better than nothing! Some ideas for quick workouts that I do include: 20 minute circuits, 20 minute runs, indoor biking while watching a show, and push-ups before bed. All of these help with your overall health and well-being even if it is not consistent! Sometimes even just getting a good stretch in can help you relax and release some endorphins.

I’m still working towards getting adjusted on my bike and prepping for RAGBRAI. Official RAGBRAI training starts in April. I’m supposed to be able to ride minimum 80 miles per week starting about mid-April. I’m averaging about 40 right now. But I’ve got the bike and a reading stand set-up in the living room to ride during TV shows or while I’m doing homework. Multi-tasking is definitely my friend.

Well, maybe in the month of March I will have time to give weekly updates of my workouts, but until then, thanks for motivating me!


2 thoughts on “Grocery Budget Tool and Staying Focused on Fitness

  1. You go girl! You’re doing great. Sometimes it’s so hard to multitask but it can be done, especially if your young like you :-). Just to make you feel better, A friend of my daughter has 2 year old triplets and lives in Kona…you guessed it, she did the Ironman and finished. Don’t worry, you will find time for fitness when and where you can, just don’t give up on it, it’s too important because it balances out life and keeps you healthy for your family….

    • Very true. It encourages me to work out more to know that a break from everything else also helps me relax and be a happier person too for my family. Thank you for the encouragement, Hollis!

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