Surprising Signs of Teething


Before I was a mom I knew a few signs of teething. I knew if your baby was abnormally cranky or really drooly he would probably be popping out a tooth soon. If he was chewing on everything and wanting cold foods, there was a likely hood of a tooth. I even knew that ear infections and fevers were likely symptoms of teething as well. But just yesterday I found out some surprising symptoms of teething.

I thought Sky was sick or that he was just warm from over heating, but these symptoms of teething are surprisingly common among kids.

The symptoms are:

– Runny Nose
– Red Cheeks
– Diaper Rash
– Decreased Appetite

I love learning new stuff every day! And knowing that these are only the side effects of the 3 teeth Sky is getting on top makes me feel a lot better for sure!

Here are some things we’ve done to help with the teething pain:

1. Amber teething necklace – We think this works pretty well! But Sky is just pretty chill too haha.

2. Refrigerated Teething Rings – When no other toy will do to soothe his sore gums this is what we go to!

3. Applesauce – We’ve found that once Sky started eating solids that applesauce seemed to help as well.

4. Baby Tylenol – When he sounds like he’s super in pain and nothing will calm him down we give him an appropriate amount for his weight.

Share your teething stories both good and bad!


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