A Trip to the Park

Today I took a day of leave from work to catch up on homework for my masters, clean the house, and overall get ready for the movers to arrive this Saturday to take us to the new house.  I have been feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything so figured I could use a break!

The day didn’t start off the best so to speak. I registered my car this morning with relatively no mishaps.  I did forget to bring a copy of my PCS orders to get the military discount, and I kinda got frustrated because I had already waited an hour for my number to be called, but Tom reminded me to look at in perspective to the grand scheme of things.  Also, thankfully a friend of mine was also at the DMV, and she held Sky for me for a few minutes while I figured out what paperwork I needed to finish my registration.

At first when the DMV lady reminded me I needed my LES and orders, I wanted to hang on to my anger, but knew that that wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead, I got a second ticket number, drove home as quickly as the speed limit allowed and got a copy of my orders.  When I arrived back at the DMV they had already called my second number but they graciously gave me a new number because I had “missed” mine, and I was called within 1 minute of returning to the DMV.  I think she felt bad for me because I was carrying Sky around everywhere with me. I’ll take a little sympathy! But anyway, what could have been a day filled with annoyance and anger at the DMV turned out to be a pleasant experience because I chose to let go of it! And thanks to the hubby for encouraging me to give it all to God.

After the DMV, I got my oil changed in a jiffy from Jiffy Lube.  And my experience by the way was the fastest I’ve ever had there.  I pulled right in with no wait and was gone in 15 minutes. Maybe I should take care of car stuff on Mondays more often?

I headed over to the new house, said hi to our friend Erik who was giving advice to the hubby on sponsors for golf, and I enjoyed lunch with the hubby on the floor upstairs (since we don’t have any furniture yet).

The best part of today though was our impromptu trip to the park.  As a family we definitely have our share of “busy.”  We closed on the house last week…woohoo! We have been painting, researching, and dreaming of our new house for months!  I have my master’s degree to work on and a full time job. The hubby is trying to get his golfing career off the ground and to prep for his first tournament in May.  We still need to pack up the electronics in the house, organize the office before the movers come, and take some stuff to good will.  We still need to finish landscaping the backyard on the new house, build the pedestal for the laundry machines, and my hubby wants to build the frame for the new guest bed.  But despite all of THAT, we took an impromptu trip to the park.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL today.  Gorgeous and sunny. Blue skies. Light breeze. Perfect for a walk to the park. Perfect for Sky’s first trip to the park!

Here are a few of my favorite things from the park:

We played on the swings for a little bit, slid down the slide, and rode the little sea-horsey.  Roxy came along too.  I love taking walks with my husband because I feel like we can just relax and have a decent conversation.  We can catch up from the days events and get back on the same page.

I hope that when you find a day that you are frustrated because you have to go to the DMV and you are super busy, still make time for the park.  Still make time for your family and just focusing on them because it can make a world of difference and change your perspective on the day. Thanks God for walks. Thanks God for parks!



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