God is SO Good.

I have been having trouble thinking about “what” to blog about because it has seemed like such a long time since I wrote about anything at all.  There have been so many changes in our life that it is hard to update everything in one post.  A new house. A new job for Tom. A new job for me. Sky is almost one. A promotion. A golf tournament win.  Birthdays. Anniversaries. All of it. I feel like the most important thing to say is, “God is so faithful and SO good.”

Recently as many of you know, my husband, separated from the Air Force.  This is what we call it when someone is no longer in the military but they did not work 20 years, and therefore, did not “retire” from the Air Force.  He separated with the hopes and dreams and prayers of pursuing and becoming a professional golfer.  Recently, one of our new neighbors said to my husband, “Oh, you mean you actually golf for a living? I guess I will start telling ‘everyone’ that you are actually a professional golfer.”  We aren’t exactly sure who ‘everyone’ is but we do get the gist that there are those out there who might think we are a little be crazy for leaving a stable, steady, well-paying job to pursue something with so much “seeming” risk.

What most people do not understand though is that every decision we make from where and when to buy a house to what job we apply for or take, is not our risk.  It is not our decision.  It is not necessarily our desire or want.  Rather, we trust and know that what is God’s will and God’s desire will occur.  It is most certainly our desire that Tom is successful in his career and that we will lead comfortable lives, in which we may give generously to others.  However, as much as we desire happiness and health and lots of happy healthy kids, we desire EVEN more, that God’s will be made known to us and that we are lead to our callings to best serve and love Him all for His glory.

I think tonight I am quite reflective as I sit at a new, white Ikea desk in our relaxing blue office.  I sit here and think.  I reflect on the trust we have given to God.  I reflect on the community He has surrounded and provided for us in this stage in life.  I reflect on how Amazing He is and how He turns everything in the ways of His will.  I reflect on how the more we trust in Him, the more it seems we live in freedom and joy in His love. God is SO good.  He IS the truth and the Life. He IS the one guding us on our path.  He is our provider and our father and our comforter and our light in this world. And He is all we need in this world.


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