I Hate the Phrase “I’m too busy!”…

1 February 2014

“…But sometimes I find myself wanting to say that very thing!

In this season of life, I am a wife, mother, and full time Air Force officer. I am a nursing, cloth diapering, bible-study going mom. I am a dish washing, house-cleaning, movie watching wife. I am working on my Masters of Business Administration with 3 classes this semester. I am training for a bike race, running when I can, and focusing on eating healthy. I am BUSY. There’s no other way to put it.

BUT do you Ever have those friends who always seem frazzled and overwhelmed? When you ask them how they’ve been, their only response is “busy?” And then they go on to describe a litany of activities you feel like they are perhaps too busy for you? Sometimes I do.

In the past, I felt like the person I just described, as in, the one who was “too busy.” I have always had school, sports, Girl Scouts, etc. There was always more to do or more people to see. Involvement in lots of different activities and meeting with different people can be productive and help invest in the future but there is something to say for “too much”.

This year I am focusing on being “intentional.” Intentional with my time. My friends. My money. My priorities.

If I ever come off as “too busy” for my family or friends I pray that someone will say something and remind me of my priorities. I pray that I can remain focused and to enjoy the little moments. I pray for intentionality and focus on the truly important in life. I pray for peace and grace through this time of season.”

I actually started this post on at the beginning of February. The fact that I am just posting it now is proof that it has been one “busy” semester. The semester ended beautifully with good grades, a finished project at work, and my husband winning his first golf tournament.  It doesn’t always finish this way, but looking back now at this post with 20/20 vision certainly gives me a different perspective.  I can now see much clearer what I was working towards.  I can see that the hardwork was worth it. I can see that the trust we had in Him is truly beautiful and that He will provide and give us our needs in His time.  He will not give us what we cannot handle.  He will use the difficult times to mend us and to bend us and to shape us and to teach us.  I love how much I grew this past semester and can’t wait for much more growth to come.

Thank you to those who have supported me over the past crazy semester and who will support me and love me in the future! Especially my  husband who is an amazing supporter!


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