Baby Bloopers – 11 Month Old Pictures

Today we took Sky’s 11 month old pictures. I decided before he was born that we were going to take monthly pictures in the same position preferably with the same outfit next to an object that would show his growth and development.  We decided on a bumGenius Albert cloth diaper, a chalkboard, and sitting in the rocking chair in his room.  So far we have been lucky enough to get great pictures of him smiling at the camera, even if we had to take 50 pictures to get it.  I would normally only post the “best” picture on Facebook, which a friend of mine (ahem… Tara) pointed out was crazy that I could ALWAYS get a picture of him. In this post, I just want to share how absolutely lucky we got with each photo session as well as some of the pictures NEVER before seen from one of his monthly photo shoots.

We normally had to make sure he was well fed, not tired, a new diaper, and overall in a good mood to make sure we got the “right” picture.  One time he was sick so we put it off a day.  One day he bonked his head on the side of the bed frame and had a little bruise, so we waited until that healed. During the winter months I didn’t want to take the pictures at night so we’d have to wait until the weekends to get “just the right lighting.”  Sometimes I feel like we did everything just to try and pretend that everything is “perfect”, as if he just sits around posing for us all the time.  Let me just say.. NOT TRUE! And neither would I want that 🙂  In reality there was a lot that went into getting that one little snapshot.  Tonight, I thought I would share the baby bloopers from today’s photo session with Sky!!! Enjoy

11 Months Old: Sky now has 4 teeth on the bottom and on the top.  He pulls himself up on everything and crawls everywhere he can get into. He knows how to go up the stairs but not down. He loves playing with water which means if you leave the dog water bowl out or the toilet seat up, somehow he will go straight for it as soon as you turn you back. He loves opening and closing doors, drawers, closets, pantries, you name it.  He also loves cars and trucks and running them along the ground.  He’s super ticklish on his neck and his tummy. He’s also ticklish if you squeeze his legs.  He eats pretty much anything for the first time, but is starting to get picky about textures. He stands by himself and likes to lunge at you, knowing you will catch him.  He thinks that’s one of the best games ever.  He thinks it’s funny when Roxy is on the wrong side of the baby gates.  I’m pretty sure he laughs at her. He likes Roxy’s toys, and Roxy likes his. They will be best friends. One day!


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