It’s been a while. I haven’t been positing as often as I thought I would when I set my goals at the beginning of the year (here were my goals for the year).  Truthfully, I have quite a few posts started and a couple others I’ve been thinking about but I haven’t wanted to put “pen to paper” so to speak.

My reason? Intentionality.

As many of you know we recently moved into a new house across town. The house is a brand new build in a brand new neighborhood.  We are in LOVE with this new house that we are slowly making a home, but as I’ve said, it is a rather slow process.

During this time I was working on some classes for my MBA. I started a new job across base. I applied for a new job in Fort Collins. I was accepted at the new job as a ROTC instructor at Colorado State University.  I finished my job in Cheyenne, took a 4-week online class for my MBA, and I’ve been training for RAGBRAI (which I talked about here, here, and here).

Overall, as usual, life is just a wee bit “full” right now.. to say the least. It has been crazy filled with new experiences and growth and change, but also filled with great family time and time with friends. Because of how full it’s been…I’ve focused on INTENTIONAL actions with the purpose of truly living life and appreciating God’s blessings.

Webster defined intentional as “made, given, or done with full awareness of what one is doing.” To extend that, the definition of intend is to “have in mind a purpose or goal.” In other words, to be intentional is to do something with full awareness of your goal.  Of course, in order to be intentional you must know your goals, so that is the first step.

If I didn’t make time to play blocks with Sky, go on walks with the hubby, watch White Collar and Downton Abby with my sister, or go sit and talk at the dinner table, I wouldn’t have nearly the relationships that I do. But, I have to be INTENTIONAL about my time. And part of that has been taking a break from this blog.

All that being said, I am feeling the call to write once again. To share. To put my thoughts on paper, so here I am. Being intentional about my writing and sharing and thinking.

Looking forward to more time together with you all! Here’s to intentionality.


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