New Found [Talking] Skills!

Well, it’s been quite a break! I started a new job last summer, and I finished up my masters In December so I didn’t quite have the motivation to blog this past fall. But lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking often about you all. About those interested in life with Sky! Oh, well, I hope you missed me 🙂


Here’s the little butt in all his 20 month glory! As cute as ever and growing so fast!

I was inspired to write this post because lately he has FINALLY decided he wants to say more than Mommy, Dada, doooogggg (yes, with that many O’s) and nana (as in banana but also works for his Nana). It’s like all of a sudden, his brain has CLICKED, and he says a new word every couple of days! It just amazes me everyday to see him learn and grow and so quickly!

We try to talk to him often and use as many words as we can. We talk him through steps as we do them and try and give specific instructions inundated with adjectives and adverbs. We ask him to repeat after us quite often but normally he just says, “dis” if it’s a new word for him.

But then… one day he repeated after me and straight up said, “ba’ pack!” Ummm excuse me, cutie pants??? When did you learn to say backpack?? Then the next day he said “diaper” and “bath” the following! All in a matter of a couple of days, he added 3 words to his spoken vocabulary!

I feel like we’re about to have a talker on our hands, ladies and gentlemen! And I know some of you are going to say I shouldn’t encourage it because one day I’ll want him to stop talking, but until that point I’ll continue to think it’s pretty darn cute!

I’d love to hear the first words of your little ones or the cute words that you were like, “How did you even learn that??” Leave some comments 🙂

Hope to be writing more often! Love you all!


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